The Weather Channel’s Video Story

The Weather Channel has been the leading innovator for weather and local news coverage since it was first introduced into American households in 1982. Before that time, the weather forecast was only allotted a small time slot on the local news station - after, audiences could turn on The Weather Channel’s 24/7 television network and know what to expect, localized to them. It was one of the first times audiences were introduced to the “what you want, when you want it” experience that the internet would universalize ten years down the road.

Since then, the way that audiences consume information has evolved, and The Weather Channel has evolved along with it - by partnering with Wibbitz and introducing a brand new “what you want, when you want it” experience through digital media network LocalNow. 

LocalNow uses The Weather Channel’s unmatched video production and localization capabilities and the Wibbitz platform’s patented AI video creation technology to provide hyper-local video coverage, all in one place. Whether a viewer is in Atlanta, Georgia or Denver, Colorado, the videos that they see on their LocalNow channel will cover not just the weather, but the news, sports, and lifestyle stories that matter most to their community.

“As video content is increasingly consumed on other platforms in addition to linear television, we need to serve viewers high quality video on all screens. In the past, many companies have added huge amounts of manpower to increase content production in the local news space. We’ve taken a different tact where we’ve tried to leverage technology to help support our ability to produce meaningful amounts of content, really quickly, for every single market.”

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Freddy Flaxman
COO, The Weather Group

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